A clock-face tells a thousand words

it reveals the entitlement of your clock



clock-faces of genuine enamel dignify the quality of your outstanding clock and visualise the manual and qualitative level of its manufacturer. Today, more than ever before, just a few real specialists are[R1]  capable of putting the challenging manual effort of enamel clock-faces into practice.


An aesthetic and flawless enamel clock-face is not a product of coincidence, but an ensemble of long lasting development, technical precision and perfect manual skills.


Our customers are prestigious manufacturers of the European watchmaking industry and dedicated collectors of fob watches and wristwatches with exalted requirements.

To fulfil the requested requirements every individual operation is executed in-house. We are capable of high-level raw material finishing, mechanical precise machining and pin sharp printing.


The immaculacy of the white enamel is one of our mastered skills. The precision in dimensional stability and the implementation of the designated texture award your watch with the desired styling. Every single enamel clock-face produced at our site is the imperishable appearance of a precious mechanical watch.

excerpt of our work

impressions of our so far manufactures (l. to r.): Replacement for a fob watch Richard Glaeser, replacement for a fob watch A. Schneider and serial production.

Detailed view on our previous work (l. to r.): inlay for seconds, moon like shaped opening and ZB- foot

Impressions during production

Images of preliminary stages:


Any questions, requests or suggestions?

Please send an E-Mail to  kontakt(at)emaille-zifferblaetter(punkt)com. We are happy to help you.

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